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A group of people who are passionate about business and ecommerce websites.
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Established in 1998. Relocated to Las Vegas, NV in 2000. Incorporated with the State of Nevada in 2004.

WebsiteCenter, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada
WebsiteCenter.com Sahara Blvd., Las Vegas, NV office.
W. Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV
Circa 2016.

WebsiteCenter.com is a full-service website design company located near Downtown Summerlin in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer custom website design, ecommerce website solutions, web hosting, website management, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), merchant account services and HTML and Wordpress training. We guarantee and provide long and short-term support on all our products and services.

Our daily grind is website management, making sure they are all done on time. But our specialty is in providing ecommerce website design solutions, in other words, building and developing custom online stores that sells simple products online (like clothing or toys) to complex products (like prescription glasses or custom-built computer). We have the technical expertise, the business experience and the right website format that will make your business website standout from the competition. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or blackhat marketing solutions. What we offer is a website that will conform to Internet standards as approved and validated by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Websites that is in conformance with Internet stadards are secured, stable and interoperable with all operating systems, browsers and devices, regardless of version or model.

Here's a little bit of history. WebSiteCenter.com was formerly known as HD-2000.com and was founded, created and established by the husband and wife team of Enrique (Eric) and Patricia (Trish) Tan dating back as early as 1996 in the high desert city of Oak Hills, California. We officially opened the website design business in March of 1998 with the San Bernardino County Business License Department and registered the domain name WebsiteCenter.com in March of 1999 (read our miracle story). We relocated our family and website design business to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000. We then incorporated the name WebsiteCenter, Inc. with the State of Nevada in 2004.

WebsiteCenter.com, Oak Hills, CA office, circa 1998.
Oak Hills, California. Circa 1998.

Although our move to Las Vegas, NV from Oak Hills, California was more for family reasons than a business one, the state's business friendly environment, the city's growing population, the various local business opportunity and the popularity of Las Vegas, Nevada throughout the world, helped made the biggest decision in our lives a little bit easier.

WebsiteCenter.com, Oak Hills, CA office, circa 1998.
E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada.
Circa 2006.

Why do we do what we do? The simplest and most honest answer would be "it's our dharma." To help small businesses get a fair chance online. Everything we have learned and experienced in life led to this newly created service commonly referred to as website design. There were no such thing as a career in website design back in my days growing up. It didn't exist. From there, website design led to an array of other Internet related services e.g. web hosting, database design, merchant account, ecommerce, and search engine optimization, just to name a few, and we're still evolving.

We were born and raised to be entrepreneurs ourselves. We came from a family of entrepreneurs. Our sincere goal is to assist those with dreams of starting and running a business - online or offline. With our experience and knowledge about the online business, we can help you avoid common costly mistakes; guide and direct your new and existing online business to prosper and grow locally and throughout the world; to provide your website and its visitors a secured and memorable experience; to serve online businesses with their website design, management and online marketing needs on a long-term basis; and last but not least, to be your in-house webmaster.

CALL: 702-784-0017

2685 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 206
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Cross Street: Sahara Avenue and Rainbow Blvd.
Jessy Cortez, Programmer, Website and Graphic Designer

Jessy Cortez

Programmer, Website and Graphic Designer

Programmer, Website and Graphic Designer
Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer

Jensel G.

Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer

Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer
Rylee Tan - Webmaster Assistant and Receptionist

Rylee T.

Webmaster Assistant and Receptionist

Office Receptionist
David Wanene, Technical Support

David W.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Enrique Tan - CEO, President and Director Technical Services for WebsiteCenter, Inc.


CEO, President and Director of Technical Services

CEO, President
Vice President and Treasurer, WebsiteCenter, Inc.


Vice President and Treasures of WebsiteCenter, Inc.

VP and Treasurer

Gloria Tan

Accounting Department Manager

Lauren Tan - Office Assistant and Receptionist

Lauren T.

Front Office Receptionist

Office Receptionist

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Our mission is to provide businesses with an affordable website design solution that has the look and feel of a professional large corporation. Provide a one-stop-shop website design related services that businesses can utilize to help manage and maintain their ecommerce websites on a regular basis - for a secured website running at optimum performance. To direct clients on how to fully reap the benefits of what the Internet has to offer and ultimately, to be your in-house webmaster.
Our vision is to someday be your in-house webmaster; to become an integral part of your online business on a regular basis. We can visualize being your exclusive website design department, online marketing department, web hosting department and even as a fulfillment center and more. Ideal for small, medium and large businesses and/or corporations. We can envision having thousands of multiple WebsiteCenter.com locations worldwide, serving local communities and cities with a one-stop-shop website related services.
We have lots of ideas on how to get your business off the ground and how to maintain your website so it stays on top of search results. We have extensive online business experience that we can share e.g. what works and what does not. We can help in the branding and marketing of your products and services. Reach that perfect group of audience. Call today for a free consultation.


Our specialties are standard and advanced ecommerce websites. There's nothing more exciting than hearing from a client about their first online order. We know everything about how to setup, host, register and market a website - ecommerce, informational or otherwise.

We're very good or what I would consider experts in custom programming and graphic design - the right combination to make your business look and works great online. We will work hard to bring about the right company image the public will respond to for a long long time.

Site Management, % 96
Website Design, % 95
Web Hosting, % 75
Internet Marketing, % 96

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