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Website Design Services Overview:
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The one thing that separates us from other web hosting companies is that we provide daily, weekly and monthly backups on all hosting packages at no extra charge.

WebsiteCenter.com Web Hosting Department
Web Hosting is one of the most important aspect of website design and marketing. It is for this reason that we offer free daily, weekly and monthly backups for your convenience. This is a standard feature on all of our web hosting packages from shared hosting to virtual dedicated servers to full dedicated servers.
All web hosting accounts includes unlimited email accounts and support. We know how complicated email account setup can be - so we offer it for free as part of your web hosting support services. Now you can setup your phone, desktop and tablets so you can stay on top of it all.

We treat our clients as if I'm a client. How would I like my webmaster or website design company to treat me and my online business is what I answer to every day.

Enrique Tan, CEO, WebsiteCenter, Inc.
We believe in giving our clients more than what they bargained for. At WebsiteCenter.com we will make sure that you get everything you need to make your website a success. You might not know what you need but we do. We won't leave anything to chance. We will design and gear your website towards success.
How? By providing your business with a professional looking website that will wow your audience and make your competition run for the hills. We will build a website that is scalable, robust and easy to manage. Best of all, it will be in compliance with Internet guidelines making the website search engine friendly.

A picture says a thousand words. Custom graphic design says volumes.

Graphic Design Department
From custom graphic design to web ready graphics to business card design, postcards, flyers, pamphlets, brochures to custom graphic animation, we do it all. If you have something in mind, we can recreate it in vector format ideal for large scale printing or web ready images for quicker download on smartphone devices. Regardless of your custom graphic design need, we can handle even the most complicated or large scale projects.
No projects are too small or too large. We work with all graphic file extensions: AI, JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, etc. We have qualified custom graphic designers on staff that can make your graphical vision into a reality.

Your reputation is in the hands of others. That's what reputation is. You can't control that. The only thing you can control is your character.

Wayne Dwyer,
"Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that..." - by Anthony Volodkin. WebsiteCenter.com Website Management service is that good. Undeniably so. We can provide all the technical support your website will ever need to make sure it is secured and running at optimum performance - for the life of the business.
You're in business because you're good at what you do. Keep it that way. Stay focus. The same way your lawyer and accountant handle your legal and cashflow management, when it comes to your website, stay in control, but let the web professionals take care of the rest. Pay by the hour or fixed monthly payment, whichever works best for YOU.

Design and market your website to your intended audience, not for yourself. Seek your competition's online offer then beat it. Then serve the product or service with passion. It's a sure fire formula for success.

WebsiteCenter Marketing Department
For search engine marketing to work properly, your website has to be built correctly; in a format that is approved and in conformance with Internet Standards e.g. HTML, CSS, XML, etc. By using these approved web design languages, it will ensure that your website will be viewable on all Internet devices and browsers regardless of its make, model and/or release versions.
With our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services, we will make sure your website is visible to the right kind of traffic - your target audience, thus resulting in direct online sales or email/telephone inquiries. Eventually, as your popularity grows, as visitors land on the website, they will simply add-to-cart and click checkout.


Our Responsive Website Package is ideal for small to medium sized business with valuable information to share with the public or with your customers. Keep customers informed with a responsive website package that you can update and promote at ease. The shared web hosting account for $15 per month is the best online because of its daily, weekly and monthly backup at no extra cost. If you pay a year in advanced, you get 2-months free. That's a good web hosting deal. If you're website needs an update, take advantage of our website management service and get your updates done the same day, in most cases. Keeping your website updated also drives more relevant online traffic and secured. Purchase these online deals today. Time is of the essence.

NOTICE: The following promotions are for online customers only and must be purchased online. Promotional terms, prices and features are subject to change without notice.
Responsive Website Package (WSC057)
  • 5-Page Website
  • Blog Feature
  • Social Links and Icons
  • 90-Minute Training
  • ShareThis Plugin
  • Web Logo
Shared Web Hosting Account (WSC-WH)
  • 2 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 25 GB of Bandwidth
  • Full Cpanel Access
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Full Service Support
  • One-Time $29 Setup
per month
Website Management 5-Hr. Block (WSC-WSM)
  • Buy a Block of 5-Hours
  • Get an Extra Hour Free
  • Use it Today or in the Future
  • Use it on multiple sites.
  • No Limit. Buy More & Save
  • Limited Time Only.


All ecommerce website design packages are standalone Wordpress websites that you will fully own, control and have 100% full access. It includes a custom graphic design layout, web logo, WooCommerce shopping cart, merchant account, one (1) domain name, optional web hosting, (1) SSL security certificate, (1-2) dedicated IPs, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing account setup, first 50-products installed, two-hour training, 30-day support, optional long-term support, and more. When completed, you can host your new ecommerce with us or with a hosting company of your choice; to do with it as you wish - edit, copy, move, modify, duplicate or customize the entire website or just part of it as your online business evolves and grows to its full potential. This standard ecommerce package will have everything you need to start, promote and manage your online business. Not all ecommerce business are alike so we created the following three (3) ecommerce website design packages available for immediate purchase. We are sure that one of these packages will fit your online needs: Standard, Advanced and Ultimate ecommerce websites. We've provided as much detail as possible for your review, reference and approval. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call at (702) 784-0017 or visit our local Las Vegas, Nevada office at your earliest convenience.
NOTICE: Pricing for our promotional Ecommerce Websites ends abruptly on December 31, 2016. There will be no exceptions.
Standard Ecommerce Website (WP-A)
  • Think: Clothing/Shoe Store
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Standalone Website
  • Domain Name / 1-Year
  • Optional Web Hosting
  • Merchant Account/PayPal
  • Pre-Install 50 Products
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Blog Features
  • VALUE: $15,000
  • More
per month - Web Hosting
Approx. Annual Maintenance
Advanced Ecommerce Website (WP-ADV)
  • Think: Computer Store
  • All of Standard
  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • Multi-Option Products
  • Pre-Install 65 Products
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Affiliate Program
  • My Affiliate Account Page
  • Merchant Account/PayPal
  • Amazon Pay Plugin
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing Account
  • Special Coupon Codes
  • VALUE: $20,000
  • More
per month - Web Hosting
Approx. Annual Maintenance
Ultimate Ecommerce Website (WP-UEW)
  • Think: Department Store
  • All of Advanced
  • Product Bulk Upload
  • Bulk Upload 1000s of Products
  • With Options & Descriptions
  • Pre-Install 2000 Products
  • Membership Plugin
  • Member Area
  • Membership Billing
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Auto-Recurring Billing
  • Captcha Forms
  • Video and Audio Play
  • SEO & SEM on all Products
  • VALUE: $30,000
  • More
Introductory Price
per month - Web Hosting
Approx. Annual Maintenance

We Rely on WebsiteCenter.com for all of our website design needs.

Knowing that our online business is watched and monitored by a team of webmasters and web professionals, let's me focus on more important matters like my customers. It also gives me plenty of time to think of other ideas. I may know a lot of things but I'm smart enough to know that I don't know everything, especially the web.

Jim Breslin, Silver State Driving Academy

WebsiteCenter.com has the website design and marketing expertise that I depend on exclusively.

I rely on webmasters at WebsiteCenter.com for everything website related. They provide me with valuable information I can trust. They make it easy. They're accessible, easy to communicate and take action fast. There's literally no waiting when it comes to my updates.

Brenda L., Cincinatti, OH

Their design team helps me with important decisions regarding my online business.

These guys and gals know their stuff and they know how to explain it to me in the language that I can understand. I'm now on my fourth active website. If you're successful in one, why not two, three or four. All you have to have is the idea and these guys will take care of the rest.

Vincent Fodera, Artists


Review some of our most recent work for your reference. Feel free to contact any of our featured clientele. Test their website to see how it works and note your enhanced online experience. Note however, that these designs are in collaboration with each owner. They're experts in their business so it only makes sense that they partake in its online presentation. We will let you be the judge.
  • Custom Website Design and Web Hosting:  DriveVIP.club - Car Buying Program


    Ultimate Ecommerce Website Design Package
  • Website Design, Web Hosting and Website Management Client:  XtendBarre.com - Pilates Workout


    Custom Website Design
  • Website Design Client: Soteria365.com Cloud Server Solutions


    Advanced Ecommerce Website
  • Website Design and Web Hosting Client:  Laguna Pool and Spa - Pool Construction and Design

    Laguna Pool and Spa

    Business Corporate Website Design Package
  • Custom Ecommerce Website:  La Paloma Funeral Services - www.lapalomafuneralservices.com

    La Paloma Funeral Services

    Advanced Ecommerce Website Design Package
  • DollarTimeDeals.com is an online bulk-buying product store with Free Shipping on orders over $60.00.  They have over 60,000 products available online!  Shop now.  Buy Bulk.


    Ultimate Ecommerce Website Design Package

Why Choose WebsiteCenter.com

We’re Fast

We know your business can't wait which is why we've learned how to move quickly and efficiently with high accuracy to meet our client's demand for on time service. We're known for our fast, consistent and reliable service that is always on time. All website maintenance work are completed within 4-24 hours, consistently.

We’re Punctual

All new website projects have a turnaround time of 3-weeks but no later than 2-months. We work at your own pace and schedule. We know how business delays can happen and it is nobody's fault. Business requires patience. We're here to make this website design process as smooth as possible from start to launch date.

We're Creative

Have you heard of two heads are better than one? We can look at your project from the outside looking in. We will review your business model from every angle, including your competition and investigate all possible areas of opportunities with a creative approach that is sure to bring attention to your business offer.

Keeping it Simple

I've heard it a billion times and more that simple is always best. We agree. We can design the simplest of websites to the most complicated database driven web application - it all depends on the type of business you're in. Whatever you can dream online, we can do it. It's that simple.

We’re Dedicated

We take great care in everything we do which is why everything we do is for a reason, to benefit you, our client. We do not oversell for profit. Our recommendations are honest and dedicated to serve your business interest. We promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We're Friendly

We have an open door policy which means clients can come in at any time. No appointment necessary, however preferred. Once you're a client, you're family. Friends for life. We answer our telephone and we do not hide behind emails, we reply to them. We only do what is right for you, our clients.


Website Design is our passion. Your online success is our reward.

E. Tan
WebsiteCenter.com is a full-service website design company providing local and worldwide businesses with website design, web hosting, website management and online marketing related services, including data storage and security for the past 20 years.
We are a team of top-notch webmasters, graphic and website designers, developers and programmers that will deliver the one-two combination knockout punch to your online competition. They will never know what happened.
Enrique Tan, CEO, Technical Sales Director, Web Designer, MCP, MCSE and Certified Webmaster

Enrique Tan

CEO, President, Technical Sales Director, Web Designer, MCP, MCSE and Certified Webmaster

Enrique Tan
CEO, President
Trish Tan, Vice President, Office Manager and Treasurer

Trish Tan

Vice President, Office Manager and Treasurer

Trish Tan
VP, Treasurer
Gloria Tan, Accounting Manager

Gloria Tan

Accounting Manager

Gloria Tan
Accounting Manager
Jessy Cortez, Website Designer and Developer

Jessy Cortez

Website Designer and Developer

Jessy Cortez
Website Designer and Developer
Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer

Jensel G.

Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer

Jensel G.
Website Developer, Programmer and Graphic Designer
Gracel M. - Office Assistant

Gracel M.

Office Assistant

GraceL M.
Office Assistant

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